Thursday, October 23, 2008


As i had a little time this week i set about stripping down my No2 rifle, the hw80 .22. The spring was in need of replacing so i stripped it down to its component parts. Now the spring is in and the following photos show how it was done. Please note that this is a help topic and i am posting this as advice only. I shall not be held responsible for and loss or injury sustained by following this procedure.

First remove the stock and the scope. You are left with the action and barrel.Then remove the barrel hinge bolt , removing the barrel and the shims ,then slide out the piston guide bar.
Now for the trigger unit. Using a center punch drift out the retaining pins that hold the unit in place. As you remove the unit be sure to withdraw the safety, making sure that the spring on the end comes out with it.
Put a screw driver through the barrel mount bolt holes and, using another flat ended screwdriver, give a sharp push down on the trigger block to unscrew it from the action. Using your towel or cloth, unscrew the block until it`s almost off. NOW TAKE CARE WITH THE NEXT BIT AS THE MAIN SPRING COULD BE UNDER PRELOAD, THUS THE TRIGGER BLOCK WILL BE PUSHED OFF WITH FORCE.( Please note that this is only intended as a help topic and as such i am not liable for any injury sustained during this operation. If you are unsure how to do any work on your rifle take it to a RFD and let them do the required work for you.)
You should find that the trigger block comes away quite easily if it has the original main spring fitted, but if a replacement spring has been put in then take care as this will be much stronger.
Withdraw the spring and the piston. Check the piston seal for wear and tear and if you need to replace it.
To rebuild just reverse this procedure and when it comes to putting in the trigger unit, push down the top bar on the unit to engage the trigger as it was to fire. Then when you put the safety catch back in, pulling the trigger as to fire Will hold the safety in place. Replace the longer pin in the front most hole as this makes it easier to position the unit for the rear pin to be inserted.
Remember...if you are unsure do not attempt to disassemble your rifle but take it to a RFD and let them do the work for you. I am experienced in this sort of thing so this is how i do mine, but i have added this post as a help topic for you i you feel confident enough to give it a go.
Remember...SAFTEY FIRST !


kenbu said...

Thanks for a very clear set of instructions,I wish you wrote stuff for flat-packed furniture as well!!

Anonymous said...

Yip, very clear instructions please start as previous post on flat pack furniture...Tom B

Anonymous said...

yes very clear flat pack etc as before before x

Anonymous said...

How do you remove the cocking lever from the barrel breach? Should it be removed?

Anonymous said...

Do not remove the barrel before you removed all the internals and the trigger unit with trigger block. There will be tension on the barrel when unlocked and when you screw out the barrel pivot screw, the screw gets caught up and will screw up at least one shim.

Use a 22mm spanner wrapped in a cloth and stick it into the opening hole for the trigger unit and whack it with the back end of a big screwdriver. This will loosen the trigger block.

Bill. said...

Hi, a very clear description, thank you, it has given me enough confidence to strip and clean mine. I have a question that you maybe able to answer. I am having problems with my safety, it does not operate with the positive click that it always has had and now is exhibiting a very disturbing habit. If I try to fire after releasing the safety then nothing happens, if I then press the safety over, although it has already been operated the gun fires!! With no pressure on the trigger. Today I developed a technique of holding the safety in the fire position with the side of my thumb and squeezing the trigger, it worked but certainly not an ideal situation. Any ideas? Thank you again for your stripdown description and also any comments you may have on my current situation. Bill.

Richard said...

Hi Bill and thanks for the comment. From the sounds of things you may need a new trigger unit, or a new sear at the very least. Where are you ie could you bring to to me? Then i could be able to tell you whats needed to put it right. If this is not a option...drop me a email to and i will try to help that way.
Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I'm having some trouble with the reassembly process - more specificly with the refitting of the Rekord-trigger block.
I do push down the top bar to engage the trigger and slide the whole triggerblock back in as I think I'm supposed to, but when I put the safetypin back in should I depress it all the way and during the whole time while I tap in the two pins?
I must do something wrong since I end up with the safetypin stuck/jammed somewhere near the middle position after pinning in the unit and pressing the trigger. Any help is greatly appreciated.