Saturday, July 18, 2015

How to improve..........

How to improve your accuracy by using the correct hold,

timing and breathing control.

Most modern airguns are incredibly accurate and to shoot to the best of your ability with them only takes a short amount of time to learn. This will not only increase your kudos among your shooting mates, but increase your shooting enjoyment as well.

The first thing to get right is the hold. Holding a rifle poorly, whether it’s a springer or a precharged pneumatic (PCP), will make your shots inconsistent. Its true that on a PCP with negligible recoil, your accuracy will be less affected by a poor hold, but nonetheless you wont be getting a consistently tight group on the target, which is what every shooter wants.

On a springer, with a sharp recoil, a poor hold can give very erratic accuracy, leading some to think that springer's are not as accurate as PCPs. This is rubbish because springer's in the right hands can be extremely accurate, but it requires more skill to shoot a spring gun than a PCP.

Whatever rifle you are shooting with, if you grip it too tightly at the fore end and pull the butt into your shoulder, it will adversely affect accuracy. Gripping the gun requires muscle tension, which quickly turns to fatigue and your hold will become inconsistent. To be consistently accurate you need to be so in every aspect of your shooting.

For example, it is easier to hold your rifle in a loose grip consistently than to hold it tightly. Some shooters even suggest putting pellets in the palm of the hand to prevent the shooter gripping the fore end to tightly.

Another method that saves pellets is placing the fore stock in the open palm of your leading hand and letting it rest there without closing your fingers round the rifle. This is often called the artillery hold.

Naturally, when you are used to shooting with a relaxed grip, you can close your fingers gently round the fore stock, but using the artillery hold just proves that the rifle only needs supporting at the fore end, not holding.

If you try to grip a springer to prevent it from recoiling, you will end up disturbing the recoil cycle and messing up the shot. All rifles should be allowed to recoil naturally, fighting the recoil is futile and will end up in a fluffed shot.

So just place the butt of the rifle into your shoulder, lay your cheek on the stock, rest the for end of the rifle on your open palm and take the shot. Relaxing is also very important. If your tense, you’ll wobble and this will put you off aim. I was told - by the same guy who said I should listen - that you should relax your bum, tongue and tum, or something like that. I was listening, honest, but it was a very long time ago. People will often talk of ‘relaxing into a shot’ and this is exactly what they mean.

Once you have mastered the ‘hold’ and the requirement to relax, you will then need to concentrate on breathing. Many feel that they have to hold their breath when taking a shot, but this is wrong. You need to control your breathing, not stop breathing all together. Not breathing will deprive your muscles of the oxygen they need to hold the rifle steady.

If you take your rifle and hold it on aim, you will see that the crosshairs move up and down as your breathe. For some, the crosshairs move upwards as they breathe, but for most, they move downwards.

So start with the crosshairs above the target and they will move downwards as you breathe in. As you exhale the crosshairs will move up again. Repeat these long, slow breaths about three times and then pause your breathing when the sights are on target and squeeze the trigger. Ideally, the sights should be over the target when you reach your natural respiratory pause.

This whole process from shouldering the rifle to pulling the trigger should take 3 to 6 seconds because the longer you hold the rifle, the more tired your muscles will get and the more ‘wobbly’ you will become.

Should you fail to take the shot within the time, its best to remove the rifle from the shoulder, compose yourself and start again. This is mark of the true expert.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

DVS Air Rifle Service and Repairs.

Don't forget folks, if you have a air rifle that's in need of a service now's the time to get it done.
 With more hours of daylight hunters are taking to the fields early morning or early evening. Grabbing the rifle and heading out to the permission is only one part of being a competent hunter, the condition of your rifle plays a major part in how your hunt will go. Just because your rifle looks good on the outside how do you know what the internal parts are wearing.
 For just £35 I will totally strip, degrease, clean, polish, re-lube and rebuild your rifle. During the service all parts are checked for signs of wear including the seals. If any parts need changing I will contact you to descuss what you would like to do : not just order the parts and hit you with a huge bill when you pick your rifle up.
 Your rifle is then polished externally, zeroed and power checked to ensure it is below the legal limit.
 So, if you want me to do a service on your rifle, contact me via email or visit my facebook group and hit join.......DVS Air Rifle Service And Repairs.

email :


Sunday, January 11, 2015

Gr8fun Targets

A few weeks ago I was asked by GR8Fun Targets to try out and review another one of their fantastic items. These were the double sided Zeroing and pellet drop target cards.
The pack I was sent had 100 of the cards and 10 holders so you can use them straight out of the bag.
The cards measure 3x4 inch so are small enough to be put in your gun bag or pocket ready for you to check your zero. On the reverse of the cards are the pellet drop targets which are a brilliant concept an...
d provide a visual guide to pellet drop over distance.
The quality of the card is fantastic, not to thick and using the holders provided you do not have to use drawing pins to fix them up (remember to use a backstop).
Value For Money: At £10 for the pack of 100 I think they are great value and are available to order from Gr8fun Targets (
Once again GR8FUN Targets bring us another fantastic product that I have enjoyed using.

Visit gr8fun targets by clicking the link below and see their full range of targets for yourself.
GR8FUN TARGETS.......Putting the fun in to shooting.

Back to the old school

 After spending quite a few years shooting PCP I've decided to go back spring power.
The vast majority of my early shooting years were don't with my trusty weihrauch HW80k .22 and my hit count was superb. I then went over to PCP and sold my HW80k, something I regret to this day. So I would like you to meet the DVS Air Arms TX200 MK3 In .22
Beautiful looking rifle, shoots spot on and its all sat in a lovley carved stock.
I look forward to getting some shooting done with this, see if I'm as good now as I once was.
Both my rifles will be at the DVS air rifle training and instruction events I will be hosting next year.
Join the group for more information.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Over the years I have watched how air rifles have developed but one thing remains the same.....the end user.
While you can spend hundreds of pounds on an air rifle, one thing you can not buy is experience and knowledge.
If you are new to the air rifle sport or returning after some time away from shooting or even if you have been shooting for years, things change. Most people were brought up shooting springers but the norm now-a-days is more PCP focused.
So how can you prove...
you are a responsible air rifle hunter/shooter/ coming to a DVS air rifle training course.
We cover everything from the basics ; picking a suitable air rifle and pellets, scope mounting and zeroing, rifle maintanance through to the ever changing air rifle law to air rifle quarry and everything in between.
At the end of the course you will receive a certificate stating you have attended an air rifle training course and have met a requirement expected of a responsible air rifle shooter.
This certificate could prove helpful in aquiring shooting permission as you have something to prove you are a safe and responsible shot and know the law and quarry list set out for air rifles.
For dates and more information please drop me a PM.
Insured with SACS (
(Please note ; we are not affiliated with any other training body and train using our own experience and the latest laws, set out by the home office regarding air rifles and there use.
We also use natual englands general licence and other media for training purposes.)


Friday, December 26, 2014

Year end 2014

Hi all and merry Christmas.
Sorry I haven't been posting on here this year but I have had loads to do. Change of employment took me away from home much more that I wanted to be but im back and should have more time to post events, information and articles.

Heres to a very happy 2015.


Monday, August 5, 2013

Shooting insurance from SACS.

If you shoot/hunt then you need to have insurance.

Click the picture on this page to join what I think is the best value for money insurance around.


The Scottish Association for Country Sports was formed in 1994, in response to a growing belief by country sportsmen in Scotland that their best interests were not being served by existing countryside organisations, which were entirely based and run from south of the border.

Scotland, with its different countryside, different legal system and different sporting culture from the rest of the UK did not fit conveniently into the "Home Counties" pattern.

It was felt strongly that Scottish members of these organisations were being treated unfairly by comparison with their English members, who formed the greater part of the membership of these organisations.

Although SACS is based in and run by people living in Scotland, over the years the services we provide for our members has led to our membership including thousands of people who live or take part in country sports all over the UK. It is not restricted to shooting sports – we represent all who use the country for sport, whether you hunt, shoot, fish, fly hawks, work terriers – the list is endless.

Finally, our membership rates are around half of the other country sports organisations, and we provide £10m Public Liability Insurance cover for all of our members as part of the package.

More importantly, we are the ONLY Association to provide
£100,000 legal expenses insurance to all of our members, which ensures that our members can have top-quality expert legal experts to defend them if they are charged with offences relating to their sports, or if they have difficulties with their Firearms or Shotgun certificates - at no cost to them.

Joins SACS