Friday, January 2, 2015

Over the years I have watched how air rifles have developed but one thing remains the same.....the end user.
While you can spend hundreds of pounds on an air rifle, one thing you can not buy is experience and knowledge.
If you are new to the air rifle sport or returning after some time away from shooting or even if you have been shooting for years, things change. Most people were brought up shooting springers but the norm now-a-days is more PCP focused.
So how can you prove...
you are a responsible air rifle hunter/shooter/ coming to a DVS air rifle training course.
We cover everything from the basics ; picking a suitable air rifle and pellets, scope mounting and zeroing, rifle maintanance through to the ever changing air rifle law to air rifle quarry and everything in between.
At the end of the course you will receive a certificate stating you have attended an air rifle training course and have met a requirement expected of a responsible air rifle shooter.
This certificate could prove helpful in aquiring shooting permission as you have something to prove you are a safe and responsible shot and know the law and quarry list set out for air rifles.
For dates and more information please drop me a PM.
Insured with SACS (
(Please note ; we are not affiliated with any other training body and train using our own experience and the latest laws, set out by the home office regarding air rifles and there use.
We also use natual englands general licence and other media for training purposes.)


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