Wednesday, July 8, 2015

DVS Air Rifle Service and Repairs.

Don't forget folks, if you have a air rifle that's in need of a service now's the time to get it done.
 With more hours of daylight hunters are taking to the fields early morning or early evening. Grabbing the rifle and heading out to the permission is only one part of being a competent hunter, the condition of your rifle plays a major part in how your hunt will go. Just because your rifle looks good on the outside how do you know what the internal parts are wearing.
 For just £35 I will totally strip, degrease, clean, polish, re-lube and rebuild your rifle. During the service all parts are checked for signs of wear including the seals. If any parts need changing I will contact you to descuss what you would like to do : not just order the parts and hit you with a huge bill when you pick your rifle up.
 Your rifle is then polished externally, zeroed and power checked to ensure it is below the legal limit.
 So, if you want me to do a service on your rifle, contact me via email or visit my facebook group and hit join.......DVS Air Rifle Service And Repairs.

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