Monday, March 24, 2008

Building a hide.

How many times have you been out and tried to find bits of wood and sticks to build your hide...well i guess you can go and spend the best part of £50.00 on hide poles or you can go down to your local hardware shop or supermarket and spend £5.00 on two washing poles. I managed to get two poles in green with black inner poles so it was just a case of putting some realtree tape on the outer one and hammering the end to a point. If you want you can cut the poles down a bit but i have found that if you leave them long,you then have four poles with which to make your hide.

The tank net i use was purchased from eBay and is 5mtr x 2.75mtr and is ideal as a base on which to add grass and leaves to make it blend in with the surrounding trees and bushes. I can assure you this type of hide/blind does work very well as i use it for pigeon shooting and i find it extremely effective.

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