Monday, April 28, 2008

Zeroing my rifle scope

I was checking the zero of my scope today just to make sure its bang on for my shoot tomorrow morning. I have a nice long garden and i have built a good backstop to hold my paper targets. Total length from my back door to top of the garden is 30 yards, a perfect length for a zeroing ones rifle.

This is my first target of the day set at 30 yards. The group on the right were before i had re zeroed the scope. As you can see i hit the spot after only 6 shots.

New target put up and 10 shots,10 hits within a 30 mm ring. Set at 30 yards on my backstop, using my weirhauch hw80k with a Simmons 6-18x40 prohunter scope set on 12x zoom (30 x 30). The pellets i use are Bisley superfield .22 which i find are good all round ,for target or hunting.

This is my back yard and you can just see the backstop up by the fence

Over the next few months we at D-V-S will be holding a fun shoot. There will be a paper target range, a different set of targets on range two and other targets around the fields. The winner will get a trophy or medal and the looser will get a jesters hat .It will be a fun time for us all to get together with the competition being for fun. So keep reading the blog to find out more info as we post it as to when and where. Come along and see me and the rest of the D-V-S team and enjoy a fun get together .

Email me at to give us your views on this and to tell us if you would like to come and join us.

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