Monday, May 26, 2008

See one, Do one, Teach one.

Anyone who uses air rifles to hunt knows that camouflage and concealment is almost second nature as we all need a shelter to sit under and wait for the quarry to flock in. That said, how many of us can build a waterproof comfortable shelter that you use time and time again. When i go out shooting i only take with me the most useful tools, my rifle, a fire kit ,para cord and my knife. All this knowledge i have learned over the years and by reading Woodlore books by the great author Ray Mears. Once i had read about how to do things like fire lighting , water collection and shelter building i went out and put all the things i read into practice, remarkably everything worked out and i am still here to pass on the valuable learning to everyone who accompany me on shooting trips. The simple things we learn can save our lives when we know how to use them in practical situations and i continue to use all my knowledge every time i am out shooting.

I must thank Ray Mears for printing his knowledge so we can all learn how to make the most of the land and for the help and advise his books have given me over many years.

If you want to explore the world of Woodlore then visit this site and you can also find more about the man himself at .

The brand new book to accompany Ray's upcoming BBC series on the Australian Outback is now in stock and available to buy from Woodlore. Each copy of this book comes individually signed by Ray himself. For further information and to purchase please visit

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