Monday, November 2, 2009

Out with Arron and our newest member Fabio

Firstly i would like to welcome Fabio to the DVS group and i hope you enjoy the shoots. I am sure that you will pick up some good tips and tricks from other D.V.S members.
Today was the first time out shooting for almost a month so I was eager to get out and see how things were on the farms. Our destination today is whitwell, to see how MIXY is effecting the rabbit population and i am pleased to say that all the rabbits we saw today were free from the dreadful virus.
The sun was out but the wind was blowing quite well, so we headed into the trees to look at the warrens, and to seek some shelter from the wind. Rabbits in this area were out having a warm in the morning sunshine after a very cold night so they were quite easy to spot. The pigeons were out in their hundreds too.

In this picture you can just about see me and as I am laying quite close to the rabbit warrens, with the wind blowing my scent towards them, they know i am there.

But in this picture I am invisible and with the added advantage of shootmore I am now totally hidden from the rabbits. All I have to do now is wait for them to come in to view and with a well placed shot its lights out. This just shows that with the new patterns of realtree you can really blend in to your surroundings, no matter what time of year it is.

More to come over the next few weeks including a shootmore video and how to keep your rifle free from rust during this wet and cold time of the year.

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