Monday, January 4, 2010

Mark Gilchrist is Game For Everything !

For some time now I have been watching Mark Gilchrist on youtube as he is the master when it comes to cooking game of all kinds. After asking Mark if he would like me to do a post on him and his website he said " Yes Please", so here it is.
“Game for Everything” is a specialist game catering company based in the heart of rural Kent and run by head chef Mark Gilchrist.

All our ingredients are sourced locally, our meat is all free-range or wild and evidently, much has been in range of Mark's 12-Bore. To ensure total control of quality in aspects of the final product, including the all important taste, all of our meals are always prepared completely from scratch.

Have a look at our new video section which has on-line cooking demonstrations illustrating some of our techniques.

Our philosophy is simple as with all good slow food, it should always be good, clean and fair.
Head chef of Game For Everything, Mark, holds vast experience and respect within the worlds of both catering and game.

Mark started both shooting and cooking when he was just seven years old and this passion has spawned Game For Everything. Mark's unique knowledge of the whole process of preparing game: shooting, skinning, butchering and cooking, has led to an international demand for his services and much press attention. Most recently he appeared on Gordon Ramsay's The F-Word, BBC Radio 4's Food Show, Market Kitchen and telegraphonline.

Mark writes a regular column in Sporting Shooting magazine, where he prepares and cooks different items of game every month.

This is just one of the great videos on youtube.

To see more of Marks videos click the link below :
I hope you all get as much out of these videos as i did.

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