Friday, June 8, 2012

DVS and PASS IT ON young sports

I would like to let you all know that DVS is now affilliated with a great cause that is  PASS IT ON young sports . PASS IT ON is a non profit making organisation that is passionate about getting both young and HUH HMMM not so young people into the countryside following various country pursuits. We hold several "taster" days per year; in which people of all ages can attend and try out many different country pursuits.

By now I can hear you asking 'well what is PASS IT ON young sports????' It's a group of like minded people that have been involved in field sports for longer than they can remember; and want to give something back for what we have learned over the many years. We hope that we can inspire a new generation, and not just kids that are already involved in field sports, but concentrating more on those that are not. We enjoy getting them off those blasted Xboxes, or off those street corners, and stopping them from getting 'so bored'. We like to show them a better way forward.

Over the next few weeks i will be setting up a taster day where anyone can come and have a shoot of some great air rifles and also get to meet the DVS team and hopefully Team Wild .
I am in talks with some amazing people looking into how we can make this a fantastic day for everyone.

Many people have offered to help out and as we are just getting sorted here at Pass It On Derbyshire we are looking for help and donations so that we can help the young kids enjoy the shooting sports and the countryside as a whole.
If you could help us out  we would love to here from you and you too will be helping us inspire young and not so young people to enjoy what we can teach.
If you have a air rifle, scope or even pellets you could donate to us please drop me a email at

Thank you for reading and "Together We Can Inspire"


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