Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pass it on young sports Derbyshire 1st event.

Pass It On Young Sports


Our aim at Pass It On is to educate people about the use of air rifles in a safe, secure and knowledgeable environment.  For years air rifles have been used for pest control and sporting events around the world, we have HFT (Hunter Field target) clubs up and down the country and the humble air rifle even has a place in the Olympics.

Now I know many people will say that air rifles are dangerous.  I agree, but only in part.  Let me ask you this question: How can an inanimate object be dangerous?  The answer:  It can’t be, it only becomes dangerous when picked up and used.
If we teach kids, teenagers and adults alike how to use and enjoy air rifle shooting safely, then we are doing something positive.  In today’s world of technology, many kids are sat at home playing on Xbox, Wii, and PS3 or sitting on the computer for hours on end.  Teenagers are gathering in groups outside shops or on street corners because they are bored!
That’s where we come in – with our experience and knowledge we can teach anyone who wants to learn about the fundamentals of air rifle shooting, how to use and enjoy air rifles safely and who know, maybe even help teach the next world champion in HFT sports!  Knowledge is power and if we teach from a young age how to use air rifles safely, we can offer kids something other than sitting in the house, playing war/shooting games on computers.  I think it is vitally important that we teach the children the reality of a shooting weapon – the computer games of this type have no consequence, you get shot, you get reborn, over and over again.  The reality is so different.  I believe it’s necessary for these game players to see both sides of air rifle shooting.  In so much as, done correctly it is immensely rewarding, with a purpose and something to gain, but the dangers are there if a rifle is misused or used without the proper education.

The other aspect of the technology revolution is that children are becoming increasingly more sedentary, not looking at what is all around us – beautiful countryside! Pass It On can and will teach anyone who is willing to learn air rifle skills, and that you can have fun with air rifles, safely.

The first pass It On young sports Derbyshire event was a great hit, Team Wild, Ian Harford and Steve Wild came along to show their support and even gave some firsthand advice on our range to the kids that came along.

 Dean and Martin from DVS Chesterfield were fantastic, showing people the air rifles and giving instruction on how to shoot and watching the kids shoot on the range. With their help the event went very well and the kids and adults saw firsthand that we take all things air rifle shooting very seriously and in showing that, when used safely, air rifles are FUN.
Eddie Jones also came along to our event to give advice on all things hunting and he also brought with him some great Jack Pyke hats, a Jack Pyke rucksack and a Jack Pyke padded gun case. These enabled us to have a raffle to raise money for the pass it on derbyshire forthcoming events. Thanks go to Eddie for coming and supporting us and also to Glenn at Jack Pyke for their kind donation.
 We also had a ferret area where kids of all ages could go and handle the ferrets, learn about keeping ferrets, working ferrets and how they rescue ferrets too. All aspects of ferret keeping were covered and the kids loved wanling them around the field. It was great to watch the kids who, at first were quite apprehancive about handling the ferrets, became relaxed around them very quickley and started handling the ferrets like it was something they had done for years. Thanks to Ferret Feet for bringing your ferrets and for sharing your vast knowledge with everyone who came. 
The rifles used at the event were donated to Pass It On Derbyshire by Edgar Brothers, Armex and Brampton Gun room, Chesterfield. 
Edgar Brothers sent us two rifles, the Striker 1000S.  These spring piston synthetic stocked rifles are very well engineered and a pleasure to shoot, we had one .177 and one .22, and they were put to good use in the range.  They are very accurate, easy to handle and cock, comes to the shoulder nicely and feels nice to shoot.  With a fully adjustable trigger and auto safety, these are well worth the money.
The top two rifles ar the SMK 15 and the SMK1918 donated by brampton gun room.
 The bottom two rifles are hatsan striker 1000s donated by Edgar Brothers.

Armex sent us a Colt 1911 dark ops .177 co² pistol and the Buck Mark URX spring pistol in .177.  The Colt is a fantastic pistol, solid metal construction, adjustable sights and 8 shot rotary mag.  This was a hit with everyone, young and old, and got some great remarks when used on the range.  The Buck Mark URX is a very nice pistol, lightweight, easy to cock and a joy to shoot.  Auto safety and adjustable sights but has the added benefit of a scope rail.  This is a brilliant pistol for target use and again everyone who used it said how easy it was to shoot.
Thanks to both Edgar brothers and Armex for their kind donations to Pass It On Young Sports Derbyshire.  They will be used and enjoyed in many future events.
We also had some of the spinning targets, made by GR8 Fun targets and donated for our event.  These spinners were a great addition to our range.  They took a eating with hundreds of rounds shot at them, but their construction from 3mm high grade steel ensured they didn’t falter.  GR8 Fun manufactures and builds all their targets here in the UK and I can’t recommend them enough.  Their targets will also e used at all future events, and I am sure will demand a great deal of attention at every event.


Pass It On Young Sports

Inspiring the next generation of air gunner!

“Together We Can Inspire!”


Rob Collins said...

Absolutly brilliant and I totaly agree with you ;-) What a brilliant event and good on you and every1 involved ;-)

Anonymous said...

Had a great time love from all the ferrets :)