Wednesday, February 13, 2008

open day/rough shoot

Hello to all.

I have an idea i want to run by you all.

We at D-V-S are looking into starting a monthly meet for all airgunners so we can have a get together/rough shoot. I am looking into the possibility of including stands from local gunshops like Drapers of Nottingham and Mansfield Gun Room who can provide help and advice to all shooters regardless of your limits, and possibly run some small friendly F.T competitions.
There will be a "enterance fee" (to help cover the rental of the field but we will publish more on that closer to the date) but this won't amount to more than £5.00. Also we are looking into launching a promotional "voucher" so if you print one off you will get in at a discounted price (£3.00).

Using the comments button at the bottom of this post let me know what you, the reader, think of this idea and also if you would attend such a meeting, as your views count.

Note regarding insurance: as we should all have some form of insurance I must insist that you must have your own cover (BASA/BASC ect) or the enterance cost will be much more.

Thanks again


Graham said...

sounds as if that would be a great idea i would be up for it


Anonymous said...

As posted on AG1 i would like to make it along at least once (as i live a long way off)would be a good chance to meet and possibly try other peoples kit / swap ideas and info .
Not sure about the retail stuff you might want to get some no.s built up 1st.Jamie (longshot)