Monday, February 4, 2008

Damn rain

Went out to survey the new shoot today, sun was shining down and not a cloud in the blue sky. Just the job for a spot of bunny bashing, as they venture out to warm there fur in the sun after another cold night, we were ready to cure all there cold problems with a well placed .22 superfield head shot. The hide was set and we settled down and waited for the bunnies to emerge. 40 yards to the right of us came the first lot of woodies ,closley followed by another "cloud"of pigeon so our attentions were fermly set on them. There were around the 500 mark that took off at once and if i had got a shotgun i would have had no problem bagging 5 or so with each barrel but as i only have a hw80k i tried my luck. One shot one kill, the "cloud" was so dense i knew that if i shot into this sea of grey i would hit one and i wasnt wrong. Tracking a nice fat one for about 40 yards as it approched us and taking the shot as it passed over the hide i hit it under the neck and scored yet another "on the wing shot".
The rabbits were eating the rape on the fields where we cant shoot so we waited to see if they would come back to us...but they were too happy in the sun.
We packed up our hide and set of back to my car just to find the rabbits were sitting in the yard where my car was parked ( another area where we cant shoot) so we moved on to another field in a hope to get a rabbit or two.
Not to we got out of the car it began to rain ,very very hard and it was just us that were out there getting very very wet.
Better luck next time

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