Sunday, January 27, 2008

wood pigeons (AKA the flying rat)

As the rape takes hold and starts growing the pigeons seem to home in. On one of our local shoots ,pigeon is the only quarry we seem to be taking care of as there are hundreds to go at.
We set our hide up about 10-12 yards from a prime perch and sat 3 deeks in the low branches and waited for them to come in. We didnt have to wait long before 10 passing pigeons spotted the deeks and came in to land. We sat under the hide astonished that we could sit so close to the tree and still have them come in to land. Shortly after they landed they hit the floor and it wasnt long before we had collected a good bag between us.
As usual i am always on the look out for more land and i have just secured another 20 acres of prime pigeon feed for us to protect, thus resulting in petes freezer being full again.
Not seen many rabbits on our shoots but i have spotted a few on a small holding that we shoot rats on so we will be lamping them sometime next week (wish us luck).
Thats all for now. Keep well and shoot safe

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