Tuesday, January 15, 2008

hunting hides

Anyone got any good ideas on hide poles ie. a cheaper alterative to the £40+ ones on the market.I have seen "washing line props" in morrisons that look like the expensive ones only longer...so would it be wrong to asume one could buy these, cut them down a tad,and return the £30+ back to my wallet.£2.99 each....dark green outer....black inner and black top "also available in blue and orange"
The screw thing in the bottom of the expensive ones are available from b&q. Pack of 5 for £4.99 . If you think this cant be done then let me know.
The other way i have found is using the fiberglass poles from a large tent (one that the kids have destroyed first)and create a dome, pushing the engs into the ground, and then put you scrim/net over it. Trush me ...this one realy does work. Ask the woodies who didnt see me Thanks for reading
Richard DVS

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