Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Hello and welcome back to our blog.
I am hoping this year will bring us more land , so we all can enjoy our sport and help the land owners and farmers protect there crops.
The new addition to my rifle is the improved logun hunting lamp and i am pleased to say it works better thanthe older version. Well impressed.

The new addition to the dvs collection is this cp88. A co2 powered 1.77 8 shot Walther. I know that most people don't see the point of these things (because you shouldn't use them for hunting due to lack of power), i thought that having one for those times where you need to dispatch quarry quickly after a "failed one shot kill" may prove useful.

Testing this pistol was both fun and rewarding as i took it to one of our shoots where we have rats and set myself a task. At 20 yards this pistol sunk a 1.77 flat practice slug 2.2 inch into block of "silicone" that was 6 inch square ,so i found it hard to believe that at 15-20 yards i would not be able to cleanly kill a rat and after all i had 8 shots to ensure a positive hit.

So after 45 Min's and 6 dead rats later, i can conclude that it is a very productive tool with its 8 shot mag. Clean kills all round and in my opinion a worth whilst addition to any collection.

Short note about 12g co2 capsules. Don't buy them from uttings or the like as they are quite expensive. I have found a site where i can buy a box of 50 12g capsules for £18.00+vat with only £5.00 p+p. Total was £23 instead of the £35-£40 from eBay or gun shops.
You will find the address in the links box opposite.

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