Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New shoot...Rabbit problem.

The other week i got a phone call from a farm asking me to help with their rabbit problem. They have a big problem with the rabbits because the gamekeepers have shot all the foxes around the 470 acers of prime farm land, so the rabbits have been left to multiply at an alarming rate. So in we went to do a walkround the main fields that have the most warrens on them and we were amazed at how many there were. The following pictures were taken from the bottom of field and the warrens are on the left under the bushes....As you can see from these pictures, over a 2mtr strech theres loads of holes...and loads of rabbits too. I have just bought a new sleeping bag to use as a short term hide as there are loads of bushes to hide under and trees to hide in to just wait for them to pop out for a spot of food. I have a huge length of tank scrim that will provide me with some cover and the bivi bag will keep me warm and dry through the day. I have just orderd a "dragons claw" bipod to provide some front end support and i am looking forward to some serious bunny bashing sessions quite soon.I will keep you posted on the outcome and do some pics of my hide too. I hope the freezer will be full soon as i miss my rabbit and pigeon pies .

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