Thursday, December 4, 2008


Hi guys

BRAVING THE COLD- I’d decided at about 3pm I was going to get a bunny or two in the last remaining hour's of light ,gave the farmer the nudge and tackled up ,logun lamp, knife, rifle, ect. The rifle has a charge of 150bar left so well in its sweet spot so no need to charge.......right I’m off.

Driving over realized that the AA S410 was still zeroed up for short range ratting from the other day ...OH CRAP ..Zeroing the rifle is gunna take 10 mins and the dark is coming down fast and not got a full charge in lamp either was not planning on staying all that long .Luckily have made a cigarette lighter charger for this very instance although was only planning on getting in,, shoot one or two, and get out.

Any how I arrive, drive down the lane and see a few rabbits cross my path and think to myself this could be good.... so I pull up and need to get the ball rolling quite quick the light is fading and a new zero needs applying plus load up my mags I’m getting eager to be on my way, the zero came quite quick with no windage adjustment needed, mag filled, wellies on..... Within five mins I’m ready .

Take the first corner up the long edge of a field like a sniper...nothing ,carry on 30yrds up to just 30yrds short of a brow of a small hump un the field were I know in the adjacent field is the first hotspot ,so I crawl and creep through the hedge then pause just to let my presence if it has been felt settle before I eye up the hotspot , I can see through the fence into the field about 60yrds away 5 rabbits 3 of which are grazing and 2 are running round playing ,Instead of moving up ,I wait, settle into the hedge.

Within 10 minutes the hotspot starts to come alive a young one hops out sits grazing ,I know now I’ve got probably another five to ten minutes before something bigger and more worth while is going to show itself sure, enough she does right on zero and cue, heart rate rises slightly as i’m well chuffed that my thoughts and actions were bang on as its a new shoot, I try not to rush and compose myself ,get onto my knees from lying in the hedge motionless and adopt an awkward position at first because I have a rock under my knee so slowly lift it of and move a fraction over ,The dark is coming down fast not got long now.

The cross is on ,the tension is there and as I move it right over the kill zone her head pops up ,she has seen me !!!!!! ,No she is just checking around she goes back down grazing .so i quickly take aim and squeeze the trigger sending the AA field straight as an arrow right on target knocking her over with two twitches and she is dead I stay still as the young one gets jitty and scarpers ,then I realize its raining and start to think about the car on the muddy lane and getting back to the road alright.

So I just hopp the fence and retrieve my rabbit and decide that I did not intend on stopping long and I’ve now got a rabbit to gut and skin together with a wet rifle to strip .So back to the car for a quick photo for you guys and a paunch ,then the drive home.

Mike S410

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