Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Todays shoot

Today Mike and I went out for a short shooting trip, mainly to see if the rabbits were out during the day warming themselves after another frosty night. We got to our set up spot and built a blind, just to hide ourselves from view of the passing wildlife. Mike went off to look at the roosting woodies at the top of the rape field and i settled down to wait for the passing rabbits. Out set up site is 25 yards from a well used run and we always spot the odd few running across the fields, heading right to the fields of young oil seed rape shoots.

Me waiting to bag a passing rabbit
My little hide. This field is 70 yards wide and the rabbits use this as there walk way to the rape field.
Mike managed to bag a woodie, a big one at that too, but i missed out on 3 rabbits due to the horses running in the field. My boots are a size 8 so you can judge the size of the bird.
This is now breasted and waiting for a nice rabbit saddle to go with it. With this i will make a nice rabbit and pigeon pie with winter veg.
This is the view from the trees where my blind is situated. As you can see the rabbits come from the otherside of the field and in to the rape field behind me.

Just under this tree is loads of warrens. Take a look at the next picture to see how many there are within a 2mtr square of that tree.
There are hunderds like this all around this field, under the hedges and trees so its just a waiting game really, and being on top form when they show themselves.

All packed up and ready for home. We will be returning friday afternoon around dusk and see how many we can bag under the cover of darkness..........To be continued

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