Friday, June 19, 2009

Another Backstop.

I have been at it again. I had some spare 4x2 and an odd bit of kitchen worktop in the shed, so i set about making yet another backstop.

This one is smaller than my others. At just 30 inches high and 16 inches wide it holds a A4 paper target well. The particle board ( worktop ), being 2 inches thick, provides a more than adequate substance to stop and hold pellets. My first backstop has only just gone through the first layer, despite having safely stopped over 2500 .22 pellets* from my HW80 k. (running at 11.7 flbs)

The inside measures just 12 inches. At this size A4 sheets fit just nicely.
Again, the 15 inches allows easy placement of paper targets.
Made from 4X2 fencing timber and painted with brown gloss to help repel water/rain.

Total timber needed for this project is :
9 foot of 4 x 2.
15 inch x 12 inch of kitchen worktop
Cut two lengths at 30 inch (2 foot 6 inch). These are the sides.
Cut four 12 inch (1 foot) lengths. These are the top, bottom and the two feet.
Use 4 inch screws to hold it all together and paint your chosen colour.

I added another strip of pine to catch any falling pellets and bits of paper/board. This also provides a nice place to stand bottle tops or other suitable targets.
If you want any further help of advice about buildnig your own backstops please feel free to email me with your questions.

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