Thursday, August 6, 2009

How i store and carry my rifle.

Carrying on with yesterdays post i thought i would show you how i keep my rifle safely secured away, when at home and in the car. This first picture shows the top safe, code and key operated. This is where i store ammo, night hunting lamp and knives, this way i know everything is locked away and no-one can get hurt. Because it is a large safe i can put all my hunting gear in it, where it will sit out of sight until i need it.

I have added a large padlock to the rifle safe just to back up the 2 standard locks fitted to the door. This also acts as a visual deterrent to anyone who may try to break in to it. My rifle safe is securely anchored to both the brick wall and the concrete floor with 8 inch bolts making it impossible to remove, even with brute force.

And, even if the rifle is remover unlawfully from the safe, the trigger lock will stop unauthorised use.

When i take my rifle to any one of my shoots it is carried in a hard case. This is padlocked shut and is held in the boot with a wire lock, the kind used on cycles. It may sound a little OTT but i think like this....if it is locked to your car it will deter thief's from pinching it because its not so easy to pick up and run with. Keep it locked...keep it!

All in all its just about using common sense, not just knowing what to do but actually doing it.

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