Sunday, August 9, 2009

Been Out For A Few Hours., and regretted it..

The weather broke yesterday, the sun came out so i grabbed the rifle and headed out for an hour. I wasn't out of the car long when the woody caught me eye, sat in the tree tops above where i park. Out came the rifle and he was still sitting there....until Mr .22 hit him in the head and down he came.

I retrieved the bird and headed to the newly swathed rape field. The 100 or so pigeons shot up about 200 yards away from me and settled in the surrounding trees, but the rabbit was blissfully unaware i was there until....yep you guessed it, Mr .22 hit him in the head and he dropped where he was stood (18 yards away from me).

Now, for those of you who have noticed the BIG blue/gray clouds in the will be right in thinking i got wet....very very wet indeed. I was halfway back up the field when the heavens opened and the thunder boomed right over my head. Good old British weather eh....ya cant beat it...

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