Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another outing with the Gamo Maxima.

9am... Car loaded and ready for off.

Today I was heading back to my largest shoots some 6 miles away from home and I had got my sights set on Bunny's. I had been told there was an abundance of them running about on a huge field but some of them had got myxi. My aim was to dispatch the infected ones and to have a look how many were still ok. I wasn't there long when the first rabbit presented itself, out in the field digging. I was 50 yards away and over 10 minutes I managed to close range down to 30 yards. He had his head down so I gave a short squeak to get him to look up, and as he did so the pellet hit home, Clean kill with a head shot.

The edges of this field are littered with rabbit runs and holes. I noticed a few adult rabbits out in the distance but it didn't take long for them to bolt for cover as I started to make my way back down the field. All told I saw 15 rabbits, all were 70+ yards away but they all looked clean so I am heading back out on Thursday to bag myself a few. Today was more of a reconnaissance run, looking where I should set up and wait for the bunnies to head back to their holes.

 Almost every meter of the 270 meter hedgerow looks like this, so you can guess just how many residents call this field home.

The cows were most interested in what I was doing.

One bunny paunched, skinned and ready for cooking. I didn't eat it, it was for the cats as I don't like the thought of eating infected rabbit.

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