Monday, October 17, 2011

Pass it on - A moment of your time....the time of their lives.

Inspiring the next generation of country men and women
PASS IT ON is a non profit making organisation that is passionate about getting both young and,            HUH HMMM, not so young people into the countryside following various country pursuits. We hold several "taster" days per year in which people of all ages can attend and try ALL country pursuits
The core members of PASS IT ON have been involved with the countryside for most, if not all of their lives in one way or another, We have experienced people in conservation of crops, supplementary feeding of wild animals, rescue of wild animals, toxic product free pest control, fishing of all disciplines, falconry, Archery, clay shooting, air rifle shooting and many more.We are happy to share the knowledge we have spent many years learning our crafts and at the last count we had over 180 years worth of experience in the 5 committee members alone, All members of PASS IT ON will get free access to events / Taster days we run as well as free advice via the forum, phone or in person.
Please feel free to donate if you support the cause while purchasing membership using the donation link.
All our instructors have full insurance and are willing to educate all those who are interested in the countryside, please use the contact page for confirmation of membership by sending the paypal REF. given.

Go have a look at the website and help keep this fantastic club going. I believe it our responsibility to train and help the younger generation of today to understand and use firearms correctly in a secure environment....Pass It ON does just that.

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