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Ballistol oil.

I have just found a new cleaning cloth and oil that in my opinion should be in every shooters cleaning kit. I know that everyone has there own opinion on what is the best oil for a rifle or shotgun and, until now, i would have said the same (Napier,Logun etc). Please read the text i have took from there site as it explains what Ballistol oil is and some of its many uses.

Welcome To Ballistol UK

Our new site is dedicated to extolling the virtues and environmental benefits of Ballistol, a Bio-degradable oil, Non-Toxic Multi-Purpose Oil.BALLISTOL has been available in Europe for over three generations. Originally developed for military use it became a household name in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Millions of users have experimented with BALLISTOL and found new surprising applications for it, some of which reach into the field of veterinary and even human medicine. In 1874, Friedrich Wilhelm Klever, an attorney with interest in economy, founded the Klever Company" in Cologne, Germany. He began producing oils and greases from coal and eventually bought a coal mine so he would not run out of raw materials. At the turn of the century the imperial German Army (the Wehrmacht) began to look for an all-around oil. The idea was to maintain the metallic parts of the soldier's rifle but also to protect the wooden stocks and his leather gear. The soldier was to use the same oil for the treatment of minor wounds, sores and scratches. Friedrich's son, Dr. Helmut Klever, had become a professor of chemistry at the Technical University of Karlsruhe. He set out to develop what the Army wanted. In 1904 he succeeded to produce a special oil which he named BALLISTOL, from the word ballistic and the Latin word for oil, 'oleum'. Thus the descriptive meaning of the word BALLISTOL is: ballistic oil. It soon became obvious that the new wonder Oil had truly amazing capabilities. The Army tested it and adopted it in 1905 and it stayed in use until 1945. But the word had spread and within a decade hunters, boaters, motorists, hikers, mountaineers and outdoorsmen in Germany, Austria and Switzerland convened to the new miracle oil.


A submission was made in 1913 by Messrs. Kolb, a Philadelphia corporation to the "War Department's" Springfield Armory for T&E. The product submitted was Ballistol. The product was tested on a number of different types of firearm and by the end of April 1914 Ordnance Captain Ramsey notified Messrs. Kolb that the performance of Ballistol was far superior to the Cosmoline used at the time by the US Army for firearms maintenance. This was only to be expected as The Imperial German Army were already using Ballistol as a complete treatment for weapons along with the wood stocks and leather slings and for the treatment of minor cuts and abrasions. A complete multi purpose gun oil.In the present day the U.S. Navy Seals are using Ballistol for weapon maintenance and the U.S. Coast Guard also use it for general use. In many states in the U.S. Ballistol is the first choice of the Law Enforcement Agencies for weapon maintenance.
,Ballistols unique properties make sure it stands out from other gun oils as a far superior lubricant. If you test Ballistol between your finger and thumb along with a general gun oil between finger and thumb in the other hand you will find Ballistol to be a slicker product. If you now clean your hands you will find that the Ballistol hand is still slicker, now wash your hands with soap and water and the slickness remains. This is proof that Ballistol lubricates better and is longer lasting than other products.This unique product is the only gun oil that will continue to lubricate and protect in the presence of water, it can be used on the barrel and mechanism, wood stock and leather sling when either dry or wet. So, if you get caught in a downpour simply coat you gun in Ballistol and wipe off the excess and the weapon will be protected until you get home to give it its usual clean.Ballistol will not harden or gum up as do most gun oils, this hardening can dangerously affect the correct mechanical function of you gun or rifle.Corrosion Inhibition Being mildly alkaline Ballistol will protect against corrosion from the sweat from your hands and residues from black powder, also due to its low surface tension it will reach the parts other oils cannot and further prevent corrosion.Cleaning This is more simple with Ballistol as you do not need to clean first then lubricate. The two processes are carried out by the same product and into the bargain you also get the protection against corrosion.
Ballistol will emulsify with water and unlike other water displacement sprays will continue to protect in the presence of water for some time, how does it do this? For water displacement sprays to work effectively the surface must be either flat or convex, i.e. the water must have a route for dispersal, this is not the case with Ballistol as it will emulsify with the water and give continued protection to concave areas where water displacement sprays will float on top of the water allowing corrosion to set in. Ballistol is the only product to work in this way. You can also ue it to release that sticking zip fastner on your gun bag or coat.User Safety & the Environment Ballistol does not contain anything known to cause cancer, and is non-toxic for warm-blooded and aquatic organisms, it also meets the criteria of the Federal Trade Commission for the claim of biodegradability and does not contain any CFCs.
The Odor of Ballistol.
Ballistol has a distinct odor. It comes from a medicinal oil contained in it, which is called Anethole. Anethole is derived from a plant called Pimpinella Anisum L. The odor fades away after approximately 20-30 minutes of contact with the air. After approximately 60 minutes Ballistol becomes a practically tasteless and odorless substance. If you like the odor of Pernod you will like the odor of Ballistol.
The Environment
YOU are part of the environment, you need it but be sure that the environment does not need you. Lets face it, the environment progressed fine for millions of years before we came along.When we use a lubricant most of it will eventually end up in the environment either as over spray or spillage or the residues that remain on the rag we put in the bin.Around 200 million liters of harmful lubricants are released by consumers every year, this is equal to three Exxon Valdes accidents every year and all of these products have "Harmful if Swallowed" on the can and most of these products do not disperse in water and do not bio degrade, they stay somewhere for ever.Ballistol is different.As a plant derivative it is completely non-toxic, bio-degradable and environmentally safe, it has no known carcinogens present and actually has medicinal properties. It will not contaminate our environment. It's use will contribute significantly to preserving the nature that we and other beings on earth need, in order to survive.For nature's sake and your own, make the smart choice. Use safe and non-toxic products. Use Ballistol an eco friendly oil safe for the environment.

For more on the company ,what they do and how to buy the cleaning cloths and oils click on the above link. Save yourself some money and do your bit for the environment whilst still getting fantastic results from this brilliant product.
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