Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New ballistol products

Today ballistol uk added 2 new products to there range.

This Precision Oil Pen is ideal for lubricating and protecting those hard to access areas where you do not waant or need to waste oil by applying a blanket coating.This pen is the same size as a Marker Pen with a bullet shaped nib that when pressure is applied retracts into the body of the pen and releases oil int the fibre of the nib with no dripping. The pen comes loaded with 15ml of Ballistol and is refillable by unscrewing the nib end of the pen and re-charging from your Ballistol in a Bottle.This product is used widely in the Precision Instruments Industry and we thought it would also be usefull for many other uses. Price: £5.18

This high quallity Pump Sprayer will hold 250ml of your Ballistol Oil and is usefull for those who wish to purchase the larger volume cans and decant into a portable unit. This Pump Sprayer has an adjustable nozzle to give either a mist spray or a thin jet of oil depending on the application.This Pump Sprayer is of very high quallity and is manufactured in Germany. It is Not a cheap import that will stop working the day after you first use it. Price: £6.90

Go to to order yours.
I will be reviewing these and other products over the next few weeks, so i will post my findings as soon as i can.

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