Thursday, August 7, 2008

The first impression I got from this small packet was how much it resembled a handy wipe, small and compact, so its easily slipped into your pocket or carried in your rifle case.

The impregnated cloth is 9x4 inch and as you open the packet the first thing you notice is the strong smell (likened to pernod), but this does get milder the longer it is in contact with air.
The oil itself has a light viscosity and will easily seep into the grain of your stock, the hinge bolts and other moving parts of your rifle.Over time all oils go clagy and thick, loosing there ability to lubricate and protect. This can ,and will cause problems inside the action of your rifle. This process is called "resnification" and it happens to all oils.Ballistol however will never resnifiy, it has no use by date and it never ages. The care cloth does the job of cleaning ,protecting and lubricating all in one application, saving you time and money with not having to buy gun oil, stock cleaner and other product to maintain your pride and joy.

I used the care cloth on my hw80k and the results were fantastic. Using the cloth to apply a thin coat of ballistol to the whole of my rifle, stock, action ,barrel and scope, paying particular attention to the barrel hinge bolt and the factory oiled stock.There's not really any need to strip everything down (unless you are doing a total clean-out) because the ballistol oil is thin enough to get into the important running parts of your rifle, lubricating and protecting them .

The cleaning qualities of ballistol are amazing, removing finger prints off the blued metal of your rifle and also removing built up dirt, left by sweat and oils from your hands and cheek. So one application will clean, lubricate, protect from the rain and damp that will inevitably lead to rust.
When you have applied the care cloth to your rifle, I suggest you use a microfiber cloth to buff off the excess oil. The reason for the microfiber cloth is two fold : it is lint free and as you wipe off the oil it is absorbed by the microfiber cloth, leaving you with a oiled cloth for re-applying the oil every time you polish your rifle.

For a more direct application of oil, i.e. hinge blots sling swivels and the trigger block, use the 50ml spray can. With this you can put the oil into the hard to reach places as well as topping up your buffing cloth. I also spray a light coating on the inside of my rifle case so when I put my rifle back I am returning it to a protected environment.

In conclusion:I think that Ballistol is a must for every user of air rifles, rim fire rifles and shotguns. You can replace many other oils and polishes with just one product and in my book saving money is a bonus. Ballistol is safe to use on many jobs, it is non toxic, bio-degradable and environmentally friendly and best of all it isn't made using petroleum based products like ALL other oils are.

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