Friday, May 1, 2009

Thursdays shoot.

At last...some time to myself.
I finally got to do some well deserved shooting on Thursday. It was warm and dry so i decided to head to our rabbit shoot to look how thinks were going after the gassing. To my surprise there were quite a few young rabbits about, eating the rape and lounging in the sun. This told me that even though the gassing had been done on a vast stretch of hedgerow, some had survived and the young ones will give us something to shoot in coming months.
After looking round the fields i decided to head to the farm and have a look at the wood pigeon population in the farm yard. Now that the leaves have grown the pigeons think it is safe to rest after feeding on the lushes rape seed tips. But we know where they sit and we have quite a few spots in the 250x60 yard copse where we can sit quite comfortably and wait for them to fly in.

This one sat for a moment, posed for this picture and realised that it wasn't a good idea when the .22 bisley superfield slammed into his head.

As you can see from these pictures there are plenty of trees for the pigeons to roost in and once you are in under the trees its just a case of waiting for them to fly in.

At 60 yards wide its very easy to spot the Woody's flying in towards you when they have done eating the surrounding fields.
Looking back towards the rape fields where the pigeons feed. We often sit in the trees around this field with the decoys out..this proves very productive and provides us with a good bag of free meat.Speaking of "free meat"...i did manage to bag another nice Woodie for the freezer...i feel a BBQ coming on.

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