Monday, May 18, 2009

On the range...The New S16 Evo.

After i had set up the new Logun S16 Evolution it was time to see how it performed. It was throwing it down with rain so the test was all done in the comfort of my kitchen, shooting up on my back garden range ( the total length from my seated position to the backstops is 37.8 yards).
The first job was to see if the new bolt loading system was an improvement on the slide loading bar on its predecessor. This isn't a test per say but i wanted to see if the evo could cock, index and load each pellet without suffering a jam or double load situation. The first 8 shots took just under 8 seconds, 4 seconds to drop, turn and re-insert the 16 shot mag and another 8 seconds to empty the remaining 8 pellets. The cocking cycle performed without fault and felt extremely positive. No jams at all...unlike the older models.
With the scope set at 35 yards, the next test was accuracy. I setup 4 paper targets on the 3 backstops each with a 30mm kill zone and started to unload the s16 into them. I was sat on a chair and using the rifle on the bi pod off the kitchen table. The full barrel sound suppressor made firing the S16 a very quiet affair and the only noise you hear is the click of the trigger and a whisper as the pallet leaves the barrel. The grouping was incredibly good..pellet on pellet with-in the 35mm kill zone. This rifle provides clinical accuracy, ideal for close range ratting or longer range rabbit/pigeon hunting. The shot count on the rifle i tested was 249 on the one charge, so plenty of air for a good hunting session.
The Harris Pro Tilt bi pod helps immensely when taking those long range shots, but weighing in at 1.3kg i think it is a little heavy to have it bolted on all the time. It only takes a few moments to mount, so if you are stalking i would swap the bi pod for a quick realise sling.
All-in-all i would say that the new S16 EVO is now everything you need from a great rifle. Now that the Logun (owned by Webley) have sorted out all the problems what we have is a fantastic PCP for all areas of air gunning.
Verdict ; The All New Logun S16 Evolution is defiantly reborn and the people at Webley have worked hard to rebuild the reputation of this now fantastic rifle.
If any rifle deserves a place in your collection, its this one.

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