Thursday, January 22, 2009

Project Mag-Light

Hi Guys

been working on a little project..........

having had my logun lamp for a while now and paid for two new bulbs at a cost of £15 and £17 but the replacement bulbs are just not bright enough because of different voltage witch i have spoke of before .so i decided to convert a mag lite as these are brilliant torches and bulbs are readily available two at around £1 (cheep as chips) the moment i begrudge buying another lamp having forked out for the logun so i set about it, got my soldering iron out ,hack saw ,and drill, few nuts and bolts some wire and a female connection block that fitted my original lamp cable.

My dads mag light witch as a child i used as a light saber shining it in the sky at night.

Inner works soldered in ready for positioning.

Old one,(logun lamp) new one and cut off piece.

Shorter but a little heavier.

Showing how it's powered with my original logun lamp cable.

All but finished ...a lick of matt black and an end cap to seal.

The beam really does go out to WELL OVER 30-40-50-60-70 yards with a narrow beam so perfect for the odd bunny bash session.

And it should last 5 hours running of the Logun battery .....

Will soon c ......

Mike S410

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